Q: WHY be so confident about the sociological values of art?


A: Like the Renaissance, in human history, a lot of social changes and reforms were supported or even made by art. By “art” we mean fine art or visual art, such as painting and sculpture. In daily life, some of our sense organs (like the olfactory, auditory, and taste senses) need to interact with the objects directly with close or even zero distance. For self-protection, those sense organs tend to choose things they are familiar with or used to. Visual art, relying on a safe distance, can break the limit of conventional and habitual behaviors, thereby encouraging innovation, revolution, adventure, and breakthrough. We believe that art, with its commonly accepted reference to fine art, is a high-purity resource of creativity for human beings.

Q: WHY establish this nonprofit and its website?


A: The world is turning into a global village, with voices of pros and cons. We choose to stand by the positive side. We think communication among people is far from adequate, because of which hostility and discrimination still exist. We have to admit that in some aspects, cultures hinder communication among different races, places, and classes like we share similar pronunciations when we say “Papa” and “Mama”; however, as cultures become mature, estrangement blocks the conversations, showing an emotional “Redshift” phenomenon. The negative side of culture impedes people’s relationship, but art, coming with culture, as a communication tool requiring no translation, will compensate. Art draws us back to the origin point. With an object, a scene, an eye contact or a gesture, art enables understanding and trust among each other.


Art, if we fully exploit its communicating function, will distribute love, spread kindness, maintain peace, and facilitate creativity. Art naturally contains the qualities of welfare and charity. It is a low-cost way for people to complete innovative experiments. Artists are professional reformers. Bringing art into education and involving the participation of the public will reduce alienation among cultures, enhance concerns about each other, achieve common ground and progress together. In an era in which war, danger, animosity, poverty, and deception still trouble us, art is a potential prescription we haven’t tried completely. Art has helped Stone Age people going into civilization, and infants stepping into adulthood. Why not use art to help the world and era around us?


Our nonprofit organization is such an entity holding high moral ideals and great ambitions: exploit art, spur public participation, and endow artists with a sense of responsibility and achievements, in order to make art a productive force and engine for social progress.

Q: WHO are launching, supporting and realizing the concepts?


A: We are art professionals who are concerned about the destiny of the world and human beings. The founders and the team include international students, visiting scholars, cultural activists, professors, artists, journalists, teachers from elementary and middle schools, board members of foundations, as well as leaders of international cultural entities. For both the core team and the peripheral members, our mutual identity is civilians, and we all have international friends.


With non-governmental positions, we cannot represent the national opinion, or undertake missions of the authorities; however, feeling the obligation on every ordinary individual’s shoulders, our combined voices reflect real expectation and hope from the civilian forces. Our mutual love is for extraordinary art and human culture. Our mutual thought is gratitude, for the legitimate social system, free atmosphere, ideal environment fit for creativity, as well as selfless love and support that the North American families give to the adopted children.


Since Chinese children form the biggest group of the adopted, people with conscience in China will automatically become our backup support. We hope our activities will impress our American, European, and Australian friends with same opinions. We invite them to join us and cooperate for mutual dreams.

Q: WHAT are the missions and goals of this nonprofit and its website?


A: In brief, we would like to create an artistic interactive platform in a global scope, and establish a community of friendship through the internet. We attempt to combine art with charity and philanthropy into an operational entity. This is an advanced collaboration. Art, full of benevolence and amicability, is a crystal of wisdom of humankind, and a tool that shortens the distance, fills the gaps, dismantles the walls, eliminates hostility, builds trust and even ends wars. We hope we are not exaggerating the function of art. We want to activate the automate mechanisms for the public and contribute positive energy with art.


Q: WHAT is the meaning of your logo?


A: An April day, spring is advancing, and the sun is warming. Our logo is formed with the initial of “April” and “Art”, the first letter of the alphabet, implying a beginning of four seasons, and the renewal of all creatures.  The capital A is also the first letter of "America" and Chinese character "爱" (love, pronounced "ai"), which looks like a big roof. It is a symbol of family, creation, innovation, and reformation. 

The upper-case A also resembles the Chinese character “人”(people)with a line connecting both sides, which shows communication, relationship, and reliance among people. The upper-case “A” and lower-case “a” joint together refer to family relationships--adults with children, and then show entangled four letters of the word "Love". The children belong to the Internet generation, representing the present and the future. From the Internet element, we can deduce a concept of “one world, one family”. It is self-evident that a new form of family has the whole world at its back. This new family also connects all the human beings. Therefore, with all the elements putting together, the meaningful logo shows our expectation and appeal.

Q: WHEN will you practice your mission?


A: We plan to implement our scheme over 8 years. There will be 3 stages from 2018 to 2026, with 2~3 years in each, including preparation. The three stages are Initial, Establishing and Expansion stages. Each stage has its short-term, mid-term and long-term goals, in order to lay a solid foundation of operational rules and legal system, carry out a series of beneficial activities according to the plan, and act collectively under our mission.


We not only want to undertake activities and fulfill our values through this organization, but also hope that this nonprofit becomes a significant and valuable social heritage, showing its sustainable viability, increasing its reputation, developing its brand effect, and contributing to the world. To this degree, this organization is growing based on a long-term blueprint, not on a temporary impulse or short-sighted trial run.

Q: WHERE do you operate and develop?


A: Our principal and registered office is located in the Silicon Valley in California, USA, with some connecting points in North America. In the Initial Stage, we are related to and back on Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. In the academic concept, we do not have a clear limitation on our scope of business. Both the Oriental and Western cultures and art, as well as culture in a global scope, accommodate our academic volume and ideals. Nowhere can restrict our activities.


Of course, we are more likely to work among the groups of people who care about cultural communication between North America and China. We hope that artists from the three countries, and adopting families with US-Canada-China relations will keep in touch with us. We will seek connection with artistic and charitable activities and organizations in countries of Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, North America, and Latin America. When things are beyond our ability, we will attentively focus on a smaller range of specialties to do our routine work. But it does not mean that our vision is more in name than in reality. The extending of our working radius is just a matter of time.


Q: WAYs to achieve your goals?


A: How can we realize our concept that seems lofty? Contemporary art from countries all over the world are reaching the same goal by different routes and agree without previous consultation to exert public influence. When others pursue a sensation, we intend to plow deep, not only in degrees of the regime, emotion or social relation but also the accurate allocation of art and culture.


In the 70s and 80s of the last century, Chinese government opened its policy to allow American families to adopt Chinese orphans and disabled kids, involving 80~100 thousands of adopted kids entering American families, and 300 thousand people building a special cross-race life. As the kids adopted bring in another culture and arouse surrounding concerns, those American families thus have a special festival named “Gotcha Day”. We consider this as an enormous resource and an irreplaceable way for communication because it means that the most profound and closest relationship of great love can be built without blood ties, but with emotion, understanding and customs blended deeply. The spectacular population and specialties inside this group have constituted a new social-unit format and family structure that is worthy of discussing in the fields of sociology and anthropology. We want to involve art, to promote a deep and lasting love, deliver social consideration, and give those families warm responses from society. As they are living in dozens of states of America and many places in Canada, why don’t we connect them with art, and make them a super big family? We would like to find them, increase their communication, and let them get double love, with the persistent help of art.


As Chinese, some of us want to express our gratitude to those adopting families, helping to relieve the burden of life and deliver love from the society to the lucky ones who once lost love when they were younger, especially the compensation from China. We want to help them to receive free medical subsidies, free high-quality education, free opportunities to travel abroad, and more importantly, to exchange their emotions and thoughts to one another, get out of the gloom of loneliness they once had, and bathe in the sunshine from all over the world. Based on those thoughts, the first step we are going to take is to make every attempt to connect with adopting families that are located in different places in North America area.

Q: How to avoid misunderstanding, repellence, and indifference?


A: We will avoid making them feel disturbed or offended, arousing their painful memories, or wounding their dignity. Under this precondition, we will try to construct a family atmosphere for them to communicate through social media and our website, organize related artistic, educational, charitable, cultural, exchanging, and creative activities. Respect for their privacy will be written in legal documents.


Q: What projects will you do after establishment?


A: The first project is to create and publish an oil painting titled "Get Love". On the painting, a North American family is leading a group of adopted children going out of distress and optimistically facing a future with dreams.

This is our expression of gratitude, responding the great love shown in the phenomenon of international adoption, and it is the beginning that we turn our wishes to actions for the Great Love Family with the help of art. 

We reveal and permanently display this painting on our official website. We accept related charitable activities offered by individuals or organizations keen on philanthropy, including charity auctions, and the funds therefrom will be used for the following adopting memorial sculpture project and other projects, as well as the operation of our nonprofit.


Meanwhile, designed by one of the founders, a landscape sculpture, which is a heart-shaped gate, will be placed in a city/campus/community space in America, and used to commemorate American family adoptions thematically. This public sculpture is titled “Get Love=Love Gate”, symbolizing adopted children who enter a circle of social concerns and adopting parents who obtain the special meaning of life. Love among each other shows the charity in the world vividly. Autographs and photos from adopting families will be collected and displayed on the central column, to share happiness with the audience. Considering that it is beautiful, auspicious, and picturesque, it can be used for Great Love Families' gatherings, holding charitable events and shooting wedding photos.


A similar thematic landscape sculpture will be built in a location of each of the east, west, north, and south of the U.S. successively, bearing local contents. Combined with the following communication activities and events, the sculptures will form an expanded "Love Gate"--the monument of adoption. When the first one is realized into a real-size physical sculpture, an opening ceremony will be held in a city of America, to celebrate this landscape, a themed art project that commemorates adopting Chinese kids. All the projects and activities are gradually surrounding and supporting a result--a big social family online. Art is certainly working as a tie and adhesive, through which our specialty and mission are highlighted.




Thirdly, we will organize a series of artistic activities titled "New Home, New Dream", including calls for painting, sculpture, design, and photograph works for contests and traveling exhibitions, based on themes of adopting families' stories; organize artists from America and China drawing portraits for adopting families and realizing crowdsourced ideas; hold New Dream painting and composition exhibitions of the New Children and “cross-national family portraits” competitions; offer services and training among the volunteer network, such as artistic education, Chinese language education and cultural tourist guiding.


At a certain time, we want to hold academic discussions on children's educational, psychological, sociological or anthropological levels, which will focus on a special social structure formed by adopting families. We will do follow-up observation and collect meaningful emotional projections of human, in order to reveal the positive social conclusion that birth and blood is not the determination. 


To sum up, a complete set of other activities will be carried out for our central goals, to avoid being silent, empty or unused. Our 8-year plan will be filled with enriching, vivid, unique, and in-depth content and forms. We believe we will gain the attention of the media, and fulfill the expectations of everyone with love.







The official spokesman will periodically answer any other questions that arise.


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