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In the United States, the first day a couple spends with their adopted son or daughter is given a special name-- “Gotcha Day”.

By the end of 2014, the U.S. State Department provided the official statistics: there were 88298 Chinese orphans in the United States. With the comparative decline in fertility and the improvement of living conditions, the total number of adoptions has fallen correspondingly. However, by 2020, this number will still exceed 100,000 people.
Of the nearly 100,000 Chinese orphans adopted in the United States, about 90% of them were girls. Approximately 80% of the adopted girls had congenital disabilities or serious diseases. Chinese welfare institutions and loving people saved them at the beginning, while American families raise them and love them with selfless dedication. Some families even resign, move, refinance, or sell their homes to get them a good education and the full-time care that they need.   Even more touching are stories in which the adopting parents help these children to look for their blood relatives. Almost every adopted family faithfully provides love and care the same as they would for their biological children. Abuse of the adoptees seldom happens.
This kind of great love of “Home of Charity”, constructs a beautiful town in the world together. It is an amazing and profound phenomenon of cross-cultural communication. In history, humanity has never had such a large-scale ethnic blending, and it creates hundreds of thousands of non-blood related cross-cultural new families.
The main reasons that children become orphans are natural disasters, poverty, war, prejudice, discrimination, and personal difficulties. It sounds like abandoning children is only associated with tragedy and pain. However, the emergence of adoptions has turned tragedies into very good luck for orphans, creating tender feelings among all who are touched by it. These adoptions have changed hundreds of thousands of bleak and suffering fates, reducing the regrets in our era and life.
Orphans' adoption is a worldwide work. The opportunities and scope for Americans adopting children are mainly from South America, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia at this time. It is reported that in over 40 states' non-profit organizations operate through the "Foreign Family with Adopted Chinese Children Association" (FCC) and have more than 50,000 members.
The United States is the largest overseas country adopting Chinese orphans. But our concern is not limited to single Chinese orphans or American families. Instead, we are learning from the largest group how to spread the love and help those in need.
There are 17 countries who helped build the cooperative adoption relationship with China: The United States, Canada, Britain, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. More potential countries that may join in the cooperation are Germany, Portugal, Greece, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Japan, Korea, etc. We will try our best to pay attention to and help all brown, black, and white adoptees, wherever they come from, be it Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, or the United States.



American families who have adopted Chinese orphans hope to communicate with each other. Adoption not only changes the orphan’s life but also change the lives of the adopters themselves and their families. Influenced by their children’s desires to go back to China, the adopters often begin to love the Chinese culture. Some of them have published books, recording their stories in detail. It caused the extensive concern of American society. A great love of socialization maintained the dignity of the adoptees and even dissolved their identity with resentment. 



"We cannot make the earth larger, but we could make the world more beautiful". In Chinese society blood culture is the foundation of a harmonious society. However, selfless love represents every piece of brick in a civilized society. The tremendous outpouring of love from 100,000 adopters in Home of Charity, the deeply involved at least 300,000 people in the mainstream American society. They have helped make the world more beautiful and to maintain a harmonious human community. This kind of spirit is worthy of our support.

Through bonding on the internet through art, charity, and education, we would like to express our gratitude for the American adoptive families.




















"Gotcha Day" not only brings joy to the families with the adoptive relationship, but it also inspires other people to work towards a more beautiful world for everyone. This inspiration is especially shown when others help in the caring of the adoptees as they are growing up; showing appreciation for the adopting parents and assisting them when possible. Such appreciation is the basis of charity and philanthropy, and it increases peace among the people of the world.


Please allow us to use new nicknames for adopting family members: "New Parents" and "New Children". New Parents refer to adopters, and New Children refer to adoptees. They all belong to the Great Love Family.


Objectives of our efforts with the help of art

During the growth of the New Children, we would like to give them care, aids, and warmth, as well as deliver love and financial support from society directly to them, to:


help them to get free medical aid for rehabilitation;

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help them to get free and high-quality educational training for their ideal colleges/majors application;

help them to get free financial aid for visiting original hometowns and traveling around the world;

help them to make friends and fulfill their wishes of helping others.