Great Love Gate

Great Love Gate is a long-term and core program included in Art Charity, focusing on a special group formed by foreign kids (e.g. Chinese, Vietnamese and African kids) adopted and their American families, through which we will build and operate an official website serving as a social platform for business-scope communication (especially for adopting families to contact with each other) and a spiritual home;Carry out an online oil painting puzzle project created by an artist and subsequently finished by adopting families and the public concerning cooperatively......

Current Projects: Great Love Gate Program

1995, Executively planned and organized “50th Anniversary of World War II Commemorative Sculpture Traveling Exhibitions” in 9 cities.​

2006-2009, executively curated and organized 2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Design Competition and International traveling exhibitions.

2009-2010, curated and organized US-China Peace and Friendship Commemorative sculpture donation and exchange project in 8 cities of both counties

Previous Projects