The first plan spans up to 8 years. Three stages will take place to develop our organizations from start-up to cruising status.

July 2018—April 2021, Initial Stage

Prepare and start-up the organization, survey related fields, contact and motivate related people, complete rules and regulations, lay the foundation.

April 2021 -- April 2023, Establishing Stage

Sum up experiences, digest information, integrate resources, propel primary benefits.

April 2023—December 2026, Expansion Stage

Accelerate expansion, collecting achievements, evaluate outcomes.

Our Plan

During the three periods, we will:

  • launch roughly one event, exhibition, or conference during each year on average

  • incubate a series of artworks

  • continue international academic visits and research, promote cultural exchanges

  • discuss artistic residency program

  • build partnerships with related art colleges, institutes, and organizations

  • display teaching achievements of our educational programs

At the end of the three periods, we will try to achieve an operating mode that is meticulous, efficient, standard, and orderly, with our activities intersecting and interacting organically, and our resources are fully taken advantage of. For example, in the initial stage, we will launch a theme oil painting creation and publication project, start the promotion, connection and preparation work of Great Love Gate Program, and organize target trainees to share our charitable educational projects.

As activities carry on, they will further the scope with a ripple effect.

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