New Home, New Dream

Series Art Interactive Projects

Our 8-year plan will be filled with enriching, vivid, unique and in-depth content and forms. We believe we will gain the attention of the media, and fulfill the expectations of everyone with love.

We will organize a series of artistic activities titled "New Home, New Dream", including calls for painting, sculpture, design and photograph works for contests and traveling exhibitions, based on themes of adopting families' stories; organize artists from America and China drawing portraits for adopting families and realizing crowdsourced ideas; hold New Dream painting and composition exhibitions of the New Children and “cross-national family portraits” competitions; offer services and training among the volunteer network, such as artistic education, Chinese language education and cultural tourist guiding.




At a certain time, we want to hold academic discussions on children educational, psychological, sociological or anthropological levels, which will focus on a special social structure formed by adopting families. We will do follow-up observations and collect meaningful emotional projections of human, in order to reveal the positive social conclusion that birth and blood is not the determination.

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