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For New Parents and New Children

We invite American families with kids adopted internationally.

We hope that you could hear our aspirations and know our sincerity.

We would like to contact you to express our gratitude to you and concerns for your kids.


We invite you to participate in our Get Love Painting Puzzle and other Projects/Events.


We will start close connection and communication with you, in order to form a large-scale online social community.

We will draw attention and help from all sections of society, including foundations. You will get access to information and support from them in educational, occupational, social networking, traveling and health-care aspects for your kids, helping them with their lives and dreams.


In this process, contact will be established from kid to kid and from family to family. With similar memories and experiences, empathy and understanding will be aroused. The website will be rich soil for kindness and love, enabling them to root, sprout and bloom. It is luck and destiny by which we are brought together, by which we assemble our enthusiasm, show our strength, and inspire our affection and creativity, to give feedback to society and people in need.



**Privacy Statement:** 
It will be based on benevolent uses and needs (including 
appearances in charitable promotions, promotions, and/or get-togethers), if April Art Center, U.S. collects information from you and your family for registration, like the “Great Love Gate Adopting Memorial Sculpture”. Filling and submitting the form mean that you acknowledge and agree with our statement. You also have the right to quit the project or rescind your permission 90 days in advance.



You can contact us through any of the following means:
Mail: PO Box 2293,Santa Clara, CA, USA, 95051




For Volunteers

Download Registration Form

We invite all the public to join our volunteer group,

hoping you would join our sustainable large-scale activities of education and charity.

We will follow the norms and legal rules of volunteer organization and offer any assistance you need, including but not limited to

providing certificates of service and related occupational opportunities, and helping you to finish specialized internships and data collection for research.

We will host international volunteer events and cultural and artistic activities regularly or irregularly, firstly between North America and China in which you can participate.

For Artists

We welcome artists with originality to join us, participate in our projects and events, provide paintings, sculptures, and photography works to Great Love Families,

and help New Children to enhance skills and gain opportunities for their college dreams with professional art training.


 Though you may not have time to do charity jobs directly, we are willing to promote your creativities, since creativity is a source of charity and welfare for society, enlightening the mind, stimulating thoughts and leading the culture.

Every piece of creativity is the light of the world, and fortune of the Great Love Families.




** the Website’s rights and obligations to the artists:

It is realized through a standard form an artist will sign. Our intention is to eliminate any pressure or limit of the artists to protect innovation with freedom. We would love to see artists getting exposure and reputation and even selling their artworks through our website with our services that are all free and devoted. If artists are moved by our charitable mission, they can support the donating subjects they know directly. Their copyrights are strictly protected by Intellectual Property Rights.

For any questions, please contact us. If we cannot offer satisfying answers, we will seek assistance from authorities and legal professionals.

To Benefactors

We welcome individuals, companies, and organizations with charity to donate money, equipment, opportunities, tutoring, reception, services, and any other forms of aid to adopted children directly. We can offer resources for direct contact. 

We are only responsible to direct inclined funds, opportunities or treatment to the beneficiaries in the list of candidates, to guarantee immediacy and directness. Focusing on contact, connection, and recommendations instead of handling directly, we will make the donation honest and complete, and follow with tracking to increase possibilities of additional donations and to enhance emotional connection between the donors and recipients. If the donors have requested a tax exemption or promotion, we will offer a certification letter of donation with 501 (c) 3 validity when the donation is completed. (Donations to support our nonprofit organization will

follow other related legal regulations.)


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