Great Love Gate

Adopting Memorial Sculpture

Meanwhile, designed by one of the founders, a landscape sculpture, which is a heart-shaped gate, will be placed in a city/campus/community space in America, and used to commemorate the American family adoption thematically. This public sculpture is titled “Get Love=Love Gate”, symbolizing adopted children who enter a circle of social concerns and adopting parents who obtain the special meaning of life. Love among each other shows the charity in the world vividly. Autographs and photos from adopting families will be collected and displayed on the central column, to share happiness with the audience. Considering that it is beautiful, auspicious, and picturesque, it can be used for Great Love Families' gatherings, holding charitable events and shooting wedding photos.

A similar thematic landscape sculpture will be built in a location of each of the east, west, north, and south of the U.S. successively, bearing local contents. Combined with the following communication activities and events, the sculptures will form an expanded "Love Gate"--the monument of adoption. When the first one is realized into a real-size physical sculpture, an opening ceremony will be held in a city of America, to celebrate this landscape, a themed art project that commemorates adopting Chinese kids. All the projects and activities are gradually surrounding and supporting a result--a big social family online. Art is certainly working as a tie and adhesive, through which our specialty and mission are highlighted.

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