Artistic Concepts

Art, rich in imagination, is a form of inexpensive creative exploration, and a means for the innovative experiment of human beings. Artists are the experts of creativity and are guides with advanced concepts who enlighten and activate society. Implanting art in education can help stimulate social vitality and enable interpersonal communication without the need for translation.

Art is also a cultural benefit and a way that excellent mental achievements can be shared by public members. We will focus on our initial intention of “Creativity, Kindness, Charity, and Peace” by using art to help human innovation and shorten the social update cycle. We will attempt to implement social ideals through educational ideas.

Our educational programs are designed for everyone, prioritizing adopting families, and seeking social support that is embodied in education. We will try to distribute educational benefits to those special family members systematically, helping the aspirants to be enrolled in their chosen colleges and majors, in order to fulfill their American dreams.

With accumulated experience, we will edit bilingual textbooks for effective and efficient teaching, as well as establish specialized educational systems and charitable teaching modes.

Our curriculum will be designed to highlight the teaching concepts that combine arts with creativity, psychology, and sociology, aiming to develop innovative potentiality and encourage designing and scientific invention with art. It includes active mind training, hands-on skills training, imagination developing, and more. Specialized vocational teaching and training will be achieved through fine art education including drawing, sketching, painting, and sculpting; design education will be applied in fashion, culinary, housing, and transportation. Also, music education will be a supplement, with an emphasis on artistic creativity.

We emphasize the binding of creative design, professional skills, and individual talent, and attempt to transform creativity into personal capability, habit, and daily ritual while promoting breakthroughs and diversity. Celebrating idealism is not only for building personal competence but also for fostering self-cultivation and quality. The purpose is to realize our concept of Charitable Art and let involved people benefit from it.

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