Our original work plan with China will have to be adjusted or suspended due to COVID-19 and the related negative public opinion.

We will try to explain it to you: 

In the last 30 years, there have been more than 100,000 abandoned children from China that have been adopted by American families. We wanted to provide the necessary service for them. This is our original plan, but COVID-19 brought bad news about China all over the world, and because of this, all of our ideas were broken. We think that continuing with this project is not an advantage because it’s based on Chinese background, figure, and resources, and right now it’s the worst time for us to try and show it all to people due to the current situation. We really hope that all this bad news about China will go away soon and we can look eye to eye again. Our wish doesn’t change. We will do what we can to make it happen. The old plan will be kept on the website in a form of document for future reference. Even though it’s lost its legal effect, it’s important to have it there. We hope you can understand these changes, participate, and support them.

Thank you!

Art brings a new world.

A Few Words About Us

April Art Center, U.S. is an international 510(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to artistic welfare and charitable art. By offering services in art education, cultural exchange, public art exhibition & event, and information research & consultation, we aim to advance creativity, kindness, charity, and peace.


We are art professionals concerned about the destiny of the world and its people. Our team is composed of people from different countries and regions of the world, who share the same values, emphasize the professionalism and contribute the enthusiasm. Based on successful experiences of more than 100 artistic and cultural activities in dozens of cities around the world, we work for the great love.

Great Love Family is a long-term core program involved in Art Charity, focusing on North American families who have established international adoptive relationships. Through them, we want to help the children who are adopted and build an online friendship community.


Hundreds of thousands of families may have the same idea, as hundreds of thousands of kids with special backgrounds may need to accept and express special love.


Get Love

Theme Painting Project:

Create and publish a

theme painting,

calling for people with the same interests

Great Love Gate

Public Sculpture Project:​

Build a monument of adoption, and open the

gate of great love

New Home, New Dream

Series Art Projects & Events:

Organize a series of artistic events and projects titled

“New Home, New Dream”,, to spread our mission extensively

Great Love Family Program


If you are a member of an adopting family, help us to start our projects from revealing of a painting and to build a wide network among North American adopting families for communication;




Offer voluntary help in aspects of information, organization, management, translation, education and so on (International students and new immigrants are especially welcome).





Provide support or reduction in funds, rental, equipment, and intellectual property,

help adopting families to get free medical aid for rehabilitation;

Help the adopted to get education, fulfill dreams,

visit original hometowns and exchange culture,

and support them to help others with gratitude;




Build a "Great Love Family" communicating community,

tied together through art,

and based on the internet;




Achieve our mission of

Artistic Welfare and

Charitable Art,

with the name and power of love.

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Call For Your Help

We Will Realize These Goals:

An April day, the spring is advancing, and the sun is warming. Our logo is formed with the initial of “April” and “Art”, the first letter of the alphabet, implying the beginning of four seasons, and the renewal of all creatures.  The upper-case A is also the first letter of "America" and Chinese character "爱" (love, pronounced "ai"), which looks like a big roof. It is a symbol of family, creation, innovation, and reformation. The upper-case A also resembles the Chinese character “人”(people)with a line connecting both sides, which shows communication, connection, and reliance among people. The upper-case “A” and lower-case “a” joint together refer to family relationships--adults with children, and then show

entangled four letters of the​ word "Love". The children belong to the Internet generation, representing the present and the future. From the Internet element, we can deduce a concept of “one world, one family”. It is self-evident that a new form of family has the whole world at its back. This new family also connects all the human beings. Therefore, with all the elements putting together, the meaningful logo shows our expectation and appeal.

About the Logo