About Us  


Who We Are

We are art professionals concerned about the destiny of the world and its people. Living in the world, we are encouraged by and come together for art. Working with art, we can feel the world and hope to bring comfort and renewal to it forever.


We are people from different countries and regions of the world who believe that the world will be more attractive because of art and that art helps to connect all of us and to benefit society. No matter where we are from, we work for the same purpose, based on the common view and feeling we get from art, by contributing our talents and performing our roles.


April Art Center, U.S. is an international  510(c)(3)  nonprofit organization dedicated to artistic welfare and charitable art. By offering services in art education, cultural exchange, public art exhibition & event, and information research & consultation, it aims to advance creativity, kindness, charity, and peace.

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Our Mission


By holding the idea that we cannot make the world bigger, but can make it better, we realize that subjectivity is for “egos”, while objectivity is for others. Though we are sober enough to keep individual characteristics and values, we want to break the limits of egocentric perspectives, interests, and experiences.


Human beings are our foreground, and the world is at our fingertips. No matter how we differ in nationality, race, culture, ideology or individuality, we realize that people are similar in essentials while different in minor aspects. Biological evolution of human beings seems to have stopped ultimately. It means that individuals are physiologically homogenous with the same amount and quality of organs and are given equal rights. With no hesitation, we seek to treat with sincerity, understand with love, and treasure amity among each other, while eliminating exclusion and discrimination.


We would like to apply art in helping this innocence and purity. Since the most important quality of art is aesthetics, we are confident and dedicated to making the world more beautiful through art. We believe that “creativity, kindness, charity and peace” are the values of all the human beings, but are only detailed in art.

Our Vision


Our team is composed of people who share our values, emphasize the professionalism, and contribute the enthusiasm. With more than passion and imagination, our formation is based on the successful experiences of more than 100 artistic and cultural activities in dozens of cities around the world. We will introduce our team members in the future.


Related supporting artist friends and their artworks will be introduced and exhibited on this website as well. Their talents will enrich our artistic and cultural quality, and their endeavors will back up our mission. The outer ring of our supporting forces is formed by people active in art and charity from both North America and China, including professionals from art colleges, institutes, galleries, the media, editorial and press circles, charities, and foundations. They all form our volunteer network.


More importantly, since our current work focuses on North American families with kids adopted internationally, these special families and children will be our important participants. We hope to serve people in this circle, supporting them to know, communicate, and help each other, to form an intercultural community tied by emotions. We will help, encourage, warm each other and achieve our goals together.

Our Team

Art, rich in imagination, is a form of inexpensive creative exploration, and a means for the innovative experiment of human beings. Artists are the experts of creativity and are guides with advanced concepts who enlighten and activate the society. Implanting art in education can help stimulate social vitality and enable interpersonal communication without the need for translation...

Artistic Concepts

Our organization officially forms in the U.S. in July 2018. Though our history is blank, based on the experiences of more than 100 artistic activities around the world of our founders, we are making all our efforts to create a bright history in the future.


The first plan is up to 8 years in span. Three stages will take place to develop our organizations from start-up to cruising status...

Our Plan

With the chance of "Get Love Theme Oil Painting Project", begin our motivation, survey, and organization;  Start research, discussion, design and preparation for "Great Love Gate Monument of Adoption";  At the same time launch "New Home, New Dream" artistic interactive projects.

Recent Projects